Stanley Stud & Cable Detector S200

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Stanley Stud Finder

The Stanley STHT0-77406 S200 Stud & Cable Detector is a versatile tool that can help you find studs, joists, and live AC wires behind drywall and other common building materials. It is the perfect tool for DIYers and professionals alike who need to accurately locate hidden structures before drilling, hanging pictures, or installing shelving. This detector features two detection modes: stud and cable. In stud mode, the tool uses electronic signals to locate the edges of wood and metal studs up to 19mm (3/4") deep. In cable mode, the tool can identify live AC wires up to 51mm (2") deep. The V-shaped marking channel allows accurate marking.

  • Features:

    • Audible alert & LED to indicate stud centre and AC live wires
    • Runs on 1 x 9V battery (not included)
    • Detects wood & metal studs: up to 19mm / 3/4" depth
    • AC detection identifies live wires up to 51mm / 2" deep
    • LCD display with centre finder
    • Marking channel improves the accuracy of marking-out readings
    • Auto-calibration for continuously accurate readings
    • Soft grip design


    • Scanning of: Studs and AC Livewire
    • Materials Housing: Plastic
    • Materials to Scan: Wood + Metal + Livewire
    • Detects Stud Centers: Yes
    • AC Visual & Audio Alert: Yes
    • Backlit Display: No
    • Battery Source: 9V Block
    • Display Type: LCD