Thaw Hand Warmers 2 pieces

Thaw Hand Warmers 2 pieces

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Hand warmers 2 pieces

At Thaw we are against fluff. Don’t bundle up in layers of clothes – equip yourself better! With our disposable hand warmers.

The unique chemical components make our disposable warmers work longer than others. When opened, the air reacts with the contents in the bag, creating safe and long-lasting warmth so you can continue with outdoor activities undisturbed.

Use the hand warmers all day and then simply throw them away. Don't let the cold limit you!

Product details:
  • 2 pack
  • 7+ hours of safe natural heat
  • Heats to 135⁰F / 37⁰C
  • Adhesive backing holds in place
  • Air activated
  • Odorless
  • Ready for use
  • Long lasting
  • TSA approved
  • 3 year shelf life