Unifit Xtra UNI-112 Hoover Bags

Unifit Xtra UNI-112 Hoover Bags

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Unifit UNI-112 Vacuum Bags - Pack of 5

  • Xtra filtration - Xtra micro filter bags absorb dust and filter the air from the vacuum cleaner more effectively than regular paper bags.
  • Xtra hygiene - Xtra micro filter bags help provide a cleaner home by retaining more fine dust particles than regular paper bags.
  • Xtra capacity - Xtra micro filter bags conform perfectly to the shape of the cleaner and have increases capacity and a longer usage life than regular paper bags.
  • Xtra strength - Xtra micro filter bags are ultra sonically sealed and offer greater resistance to bursting or tearing than regular paper bags.

Designed to fit:

Hoover -

  • SENSOTRONIC S3722 S3724 S3726 S3728 S3730 S3732 S3736 S3922 S3924 SC060 AUDIO SYSTEM 100 200 300 400 500 ARIA AR10 AR20 AR30 AR32 VOQUE 1100 S3858 S3860 S3860/8 S3864 SC036 SC120 SC122 SC142 ALPINA SC184 SC186 SC188 SC190 SC194 SC219 SUPERSPRINT SC086 SC088 SC094 PETS SC235 SC240 SC258 H7