Unifit Xtra UNI-172X Hoover Bags

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Unifit Xtra UNI-172X Vacuum Bags - Pack of 5

  • Xtra filtration - Xtra micro filter bags absorb dust and filter the air from the vacuum cleaner more effectively than regular paper bags.
  • Xtra hygiene - Xtra micro filter bags help provide a cleaner home by retaining more fine dust particles than regular paper bags.
  • Xtra capacity - Xtra micro filter bags conform perfectly to the shape of the cleaner and have increases capacity and a longer usage life than regular paper bags.
  • Xtra strength - Xtra micro filter bags are ultra sonically sealed and offer greater resistance to bursting or tearing than regular paper bags.

Designed to fit:

Bush -

  • PISCES BCC1300 DD2690B DD2691B LEO DD2495 DD2497

Dirt Devil -

  • DD2400 DD2407 DD2472 DD2496 DD2800

Efbe-Schott -

  • ST67GR BSS2700 BS3000

Electrolux -

  • BOSS B4105 B4106 B4110 B4111 B4115 B4205 ENDURO B4116 MONDO Z5105 Z5106 Z5115 Z5116 E66N U66

Goblin - 


Philips -


Sanyo -

  • MITE HUNTER SC53 SC75 > 78 SC80 > 86 SC91 > 93

Vax -;

  • V0071/72 SORRENTO V009 MAXIM VS02 VS22 REMO VS077