Unifit Xtra UNI-176X Hoover Bags

Unifit Xtra UNI-176X Hoover Bags

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Unifit Xtra UNI-176X Vacuum Bags - Pack of 5

  • Xtra filtration - Xtra micro filter bags absorb dust and filter the air from the vacuum cleaner more effectively than regular paper bags.
  • Xtra hygiene - Xtra micro filter bags help provide a cleaner home by retaining more fine dust particles than regular paper bags.
  • Xtra capacity - Xtra micro filter bags conform perfectly to the shape of the cleaner and have increases capacity and a longer usage life than regular paper bags.
  • Xtra strength - Xtra micro filter bags are ultra sonically sealed and offer greater resistance to bursting or tearing than regular paper bags.

Designed to fit:

Miele -

  • S227I-S236I S238I S240I S267I S269I-S284I S290I METEOR & SILVERSTAR S400 WHITE PEARL S424-S458 TYPER N S600-S658 REVOLUTION

Hoover -

  • SENSORY SERIES ARIANNE T2100 T2200 T2210 T2305 T2310 T2405 T2425 T2485 T2505 TELIOS T4300 T4310 T4400 T4410 T4420 T4430 T5405 T5503 T5515 T5603 T5604 T5610 PET T4546 T5625 T5636 T5637 T5655 T5718 T5732 H30